Game of Thrones Walking Tour
Game of Thrones Walking Tour
  • Price: 200 kuna per person (discount for families and groups)
  • Duration: 1.30 h

Unforgettable tour for all fans of Game of Thrones.

With almost no makeup Dubrovnik represents Kings Landing in popular HBO's TV spectacle GAME of THRONES. During our GAME OF THRONES TOUR you'll get to see for yourself why exactly producers of HBO have chosen Dubrovnik as one of the most important places in the show. You will be taken through all the parts of the Old City as well as outside the City walls to locations of most memorable scenes from this ongoing cultural phenomenon.

During the tour we will see:

  • Park Gradac – site of Joffrey's wedding and premature death
  • Royal castle, known in the show as Red Keep
  • Ancient House of Undying from where Daenerys Targaryen saved her kidnapped dragons
  • Blackwater Bay - site of epic battle for control of King's Landing
  • Location of popular uprising against King Joffrey
  • Great Sept - the center of religious worship for the Faith of Seven
  • Legendary brothel - Tyrion's favorite place in King's Landing
  • Cersei's Walk of Shame

As a conclusion of the tour - have a seat and take a sword in your hand on the replica of the Iron Throne (free of charge for our guests), and take a picture with you as a little souvenir from Kings Landing.


  • We advise tours that start earlier in the morning or late afternoon when temperature is lower
  • Please bring some form of head cover and a bottle of water
  • Ticket to the St. Lorenz fort (30 kuna) is NOT included in the price of the private tour. Ticket to the St.Lorenz fort IS included in the price of the Combo Game of Thrones and A walk through the centuries tour
  • City Walls ticket also grants you access to St. Lorenz fort