• Price: 150 kuna per person (discount for families and groups)
  • Duration: 1 h

In the last century Croatia was part of Socialistic Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, a country that through series of bloody wars fell apart in 1990's.

This brutal conflict swept through many towns and cities in Croatia and by the fall of 1991 war had arrived at Dubrovnik's doorstep. "Yugoslav People's Army" or JNA held Dubrovnik under siege until the summer of 1992. Ironically, citizens of Dubrovnik did not believe that JNA would attack a city under UNESCO's protection, after all no army ever attacked Dubrovnik before. They were wrong...

On our War tour find out how ex Yugoslavia came to a boiling point, which parts of Dubrovnik were under the occupation and which under the siege; how people of Dubrovnik managed during the siege; about a heroic effort to preserve and protect Dubrovnik's cultural heritage; how much of the Old Town was subjected to bombings and about post war restoration....


  • This tour includes visit to Dubrovnik Fallen Defenders Memorial Room in Sponza Palace – free of charge